Finally, a bit of a break!

I haven’t kept this blog updated much because I have been working on a massive book. It is finally done and in to the publisher, so it will be out in the spring!

The new book is on the increasingly popular subject of ancestral diet and exercise, along with other lifestyle issues.  It required crazy amounts of digging to get beyond hype and marketing and find truth.  With over 300 citations — primarily of peer-reviewed studies — and weighing in at several pounds, it was simply such a large project that I couldn’t be diverted to do blog posts.

But now its done!

I love writing books, especially books that I believe will help people in various ways.  I love the fact that there are people all over the world whose lives have been materially improved by my efforts.  But I also love coming up for some air, refreshing and renewing.  Its good to write about life, but even better to live it!