Interview with Virginia Prescott

Earlier this week I went up to New Hampshire Public Radio to be interviewed by Virginia Prescott on her Word of Mouth program.

Though I have a small home studio that I use for recording musical compositions, I had never seen a real professional studio before. The sound-proof doors, sound-deadening panels and so forth were really interesting. Naturally, as a ham radio operator, I found the equipment interesting.

But there were two aspects I found really fascinating.

The first was that everything is timed down to the second. I got to watch the producer time everything from the cueing of music to the beginning of statements. There are big clocks with digital by-the-second countdowns in the control room. The producer speaks into the host’s headphones, letting her know how much time she has left and so forth.

The second was the host. Well, certainly she was well-informed and friendly, but I sort of expected that. When listening to talk radio, they make it sound so easy, but watching it live I learned a real appreciation for someone having a live conversation with you while having someone talk in her ear and timing her words down to the second. That is an amazing skill and it was fascinating to watch!

The interview went well, and if you would like to listen, you can find it here.