Peanut Butter and Electric Fences

Deer can get into your mini farm and deal enormous destruction in a short time. Generally, we have good luck by sprinkling some commercial deer repellent along the tree line from whence deer enter. This works well if done before any planting and renewed about six weeks later.

But once the deer have started eating your crops, their allure is so strong that the repellent is nigh upon useless. That’s where the electric fence comes in.

Deer jump high barriers with the greatest of ease in order to get to food. The trick is to do this cheaply, easily and effectively. Use portable stakes to string a single strange of electric fence about 3-1/2 – 4 feet off the ground.  Put some aluminum foil around the wire so that it splays out — and coat it generously with peanut butter.

Mr. and Ms. Deer won’t hurdle that barrier. Instead, they’ll nuzzle right up and get zapped. And the zap leaves a powerful impression that will keep them away from whatever is inside the fence.