It’s Out! The Food Dehydrating Bible

Dehydrating is probably the oldest method of food preservation.  The foods will keep for years, lend themselves well to making your own convenience foods, and will keep even if you have no electricity I have been dehydrating foods for 20 years, starting when I was down on my luck and had to live on a […]

It’s Out! The Modern Caveman!

It only stands to reason that a guy who cares enough to grow his own food, and develop methods for doing it effectively as part of a modern lifestyle, is concerned with diet and exercise. After many years of research struggling with autoimmune, blood lipid and gastric issues, and doing a tremendous amount of both […]

Video Advertisement for the Mini Farming Series

Guess what? My publisher has made a really excellent video to advertise my series of MiniFarming books! It’s a really professional production. Unfortunately, the video wasn’t completed in time to be run during the fourth quarter of the Superbowl despite the pleadings of the TV station.  (*grin*) Maybe next year? I strongly suspect that for […]

The Composting Book is Here!

Mini Farming Guide to Composting Over the years I have received more questions about composting than any other subject. I cover the essentials of thermophilic composting in Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre, but even though that form of composting is generally considered ideal, it is also the most labor intensive and not everyone interested […]