Courage to Change the Things We Can

It’s been over a year since the lockdowns, restrictions, supply chain disruptions and all of the other problems related to Covid-19 began, not the least of which have been the deaths of 580,000+ people and counting. A great deal surrounding this has been politicized in all directions. Politics has been characterized as “war by other […]

Get your books now!!

Currently, Mini-Farming, Self- Sufficiency on 1/4 acre is sold out on Amazon, but the Mini-Farming Bible is still available. so get it before they are gone. We will keep updating when more are available.

Why Herbs?

A lot of the Mini-Farming books focus on vegetables, and rightly so. Growing your own food lets you take control of your health, and your grocery budget. But I want to emphasize the importance of growing herbs in your kitchen garden- or in containers right in your kitchen! This will give you a quick overview […]

Dandy Dandelions

Today on the radio I heard an advertisement for a local yard maintenance company, promising a great deal to come treat your lawn with some fantastic herbicides to get rid of those pesky dandelions and weeds in your lawn. I got kind of miffed, and thought I should run a Public Service Announcement on the […]

The Second Best Time

The current situation (for historical purposes, as I write, large portions of the world are locked down due to an epidemic) only happens once every few decades. Although some few experts — always ignored — have stated we should be be ready and vigilant, most of the world was anything but. A couple of weeks […]

The Sanitation Emergency

Have you ever had a problem with your toilet and while you waited hours for the plumber to arrive it became a disgusting smelly mess? Now, just imagine if the problem was caused by a total lack of running water, and you were without running water for days or weeks. What then? Living as we […]

It’s a Lot More Space than You Think!

Commercial agriculture requires about 30,000 square feet to provide for the needs of a person. When I come along and claim you can meet 80% of a person’s needs in just 1,400 square feet, I hear two reactions. The first is of course incredulity. I can understand that. After all, why should my methods be […]

What are all those Instruments?

I received an email recently from a reader of my fermenting book who had noticed musical instruments in the background of one of my photos. No, I’m not a musical instrument store, though it may look that way! I enjoy composing and playing music and have played various instruments since my father started teaching me […]

Medium for Compost Organism Culture

A few days ago I was discussing my upcoming book on composting with a friend, and he asked a very worthwhile question: since you can’t actually see what is going on in a compost pile, how do you know? The answer is that I have a laboratory and I have extensively cultured the organisms in […]

Maximizing Your Mini-Farm is Here!

Or, rather, it is available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Indie Books and other sources. To get a copy from an online source, just click on the image in the right-hand column. I am really excited for this book to be out. Maximizing your Mini farm is NOT a new edition of Mini Farming: Self […]