Why plant flowers?

In case the title didn’t give it away, this is Brett’s little sister, Carole again. To be honest, I like things to be pretty. My yard, my garden, and my food. Let’s face it. Life can be hard. There’s nothing wrong with rejuvenating the spirit with a little whimsey and beauty now and then. I […]

Sorrel, Simply nutritious

Hello all. This is Carole again, with a spotlight on a delicious and nutritious addition to your garden. Garden Sorrel is an herbaceous perennial, occasionally called spinach dock. The young leaves are tender and edible, but they do toughen with age, when they are better pureed into soups. So harvest it right away. They do […]

Courage to Change the Things We Can

It’s been over a year since the lockdowns, restrictions, supply chain disruptions and all of the other problems related to Covid-19 began, not the least of which have been the deaths of 580,000+ people and counting. A great deal surrounding this has been politicized in all directions. Politics has been characterized as “war by other […]

Get your books now!!

Currently, Mini-Farming, Self- Sufficiency on 1/4 acre is sold out on Amazon, but the Mini-Farming Bible is still available. so get it before they are gone. We will keep updating when more are available. https://www.amazon.com/Mini-Farming-Bible-Complete-Self-Sufficiency/dp/1629144908

Why Herbs?

A lot of the Mini-Farming books focus on vegetables, and rightly so. Growing your own food lets you take control of your health, and your grocery budget. But I want to emphasize the importance of growing herbs in your kitchen garden- or in containers right in your kitchen! This will give you a quick overview […]

Dandy Dandelions

Today on the radio I heard an advertisement for a local yard maintenance company, promising a great deal to come treat your lawn with some fantastic herbicides to get rid of those pesky dandelions and weeds in your lawn. I got kind of miffed, and thought I should run a Public Service Announcement on the […]

The Second Best Time

The current situation (for historical purposes, as I write, large portions of the world are locked down due to an epidemic) only happens once every few decades. Although some few experts — always ignored — have stated we should be be ready and vigilant, most of the world was anything but. A couple of weeks […]

The Sanitation Emergency

Have you ever had a problem with your toilet and while you waited hours for the plumber to arrive it became a disgusting smelly mess? Now, just imagine if the problem was caused by a total lack of running water, and you were without running water for days or weeks. What then? Living as we […]

It’s a Lot More Space than You Think!

Commercial agriculture requires about 30,000 square feet to provide for the needs of a person. When I come along and claim you can meet 80% of a person’s needs in just 1,400 square feet, I hear two reactions. The first is of course incredulity. I can understand that. After all, why should my methods be […]

What are all those Instruments?

I received an email recently from a reader of my fermenting book who had noticed musical instruments in the background of one of my photos. No, I’m not a musical instrument store, though it may look that way! I enjoy composing and playing music and have played various instruments since my father started teaching me […]