Medium for Compost Organism Culture

A few days ago I was discussing my upcoming book on composting with a friend, and he asked a very worthwhile question: since you can’t actually see what is going on in a compost pile, how do you know? The answer is that I have a laboratory and I have extensively cultured the organisms in […]

Maximizing Your Mini-Farm is Here!

Or, rather, it is available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Indie Books and other sources. To get a copy from an online source, just click on the image in the right-hand column. I am really excited for this book to be out. Maximizing your Mini farm is NOT a new edition of Mini Farming: Self […]

Interview with Virginia Prescott

Earlier this week I went up to New Hampshire Public Radio to be interviewed by Virginia Prescott on her Word of Mouth program. Though I have a small home studio that I use for recording musical compositions, I had never seen a real professional studio before. The sound-proof doors, sound-deadening panels and so forth were […]

Rain, Rain!

Gabriel García Márquez wrote 100 Years of Solitude. As a sequel, I might write “Three Weeks of Endless Rain!” It has been raining here off and on for nearly three weeks, making it difficult to get my frost-sensitive crops in the ground. However, I managed to do it in an interval between showers so the […]

Reminder: Hoppy’s Country Store Tomorrow!

I will be giving a speech and signing books at Hoppy’s Country Store on May 19, 2012 at 2pm. Hoppy’s Country Store is located in the NeWest Mall, 800 Turnpike Rd. New Ipswich, NH 03071. This is a very intimate setting, so if you haven’t had a chance to meet me and ask questions, this […]

Thank You, Beacon Institute!

With the help of Jo, their office manager, I had the opportunity to visit the Beacon Institute in Beacon, NY today. Though I admit the drive was a bit long, it was definitely worth it! The Beacon Institute is a very worthy and ambitious endeavor and I commend it to your attention. I had a […]

Mosquitos Mean Time to Plant Carrots

If you carefully observe what is going on in nature around your mini-farm and keep notes, eventually you will learn certain natural events coincide with optimal planting times for certain crops. Your observations will only be applicable to your area. Where I live, for example, I have noticed that I should plant cabbage and broccoli […]

Squash, cucumbers and Other Vines in Raised Beds

One benefit of having a website with a contact form is that I get a lot of feedback and questions. One question that has come up a few times is how to handle vining crops in raised beds. This is a good question because grown traditionally, a single acorn squash plant could take over an […]