Rain, Rain!

Gabriel García Márquez wrote 100 Years of Solitude. As a sequel, I might write “Three Weeks of Endless Rain!”

It has been raining here off and on for nearly three weeks, making it difficult to get my frost-sensitive crops in the ground. However, I managed to do it in an interval between showers so the squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and melons are on the way!

As a bonus, the second round of carrots and parsnips are planted. In normal weather, these require daily watering for as long as three weeks, but I never had to water them once as Mother Nature took care of that task.

Usually, this sort of rain could lead to problems of waterlogged roots and disease. But when you use raised beds, that is not a problem so everything is healthy and robust! The weather forecast says nice weather will arrive for Sunday and I’ll use that opportunity to trim around the beds.

Happy mini-farming!