Coping with Rampant Food Inflation

Official inflation numbers don’t take the costs of food and energy into account. But the cost of food is rising fast as the following table demonstrates:

Just LOOK at that!  The price of potatoes has quadrupled and the prices of many other things have doubled or tripled. Crazy!  No wonder people are feeling broke on their way out of the grocery store.

Last night I cooked three large buttercup squash in the oven, scraped the deliciously sweet cooked squash into containers, and put them in my freezer. Last week I baked about a bushel of potatoes and then vacuum sealed them in meal-sized packages, then stored them in the freezer as well.

It doesn’t matter to me how much potatoes or squash cost at the store. Ditto for eggs and a great many other things. It doesn’t matter because I grow them myself.

Potatoes and winter squash are two of the easiest things in the world to grow. I cover the specifics in Maximizing Your Mini-Farm but the long and short is I have even pulled off growing potatoes while living in a condo where we were restricted from growing edible plants.

Squash, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips and cabbage are very easy to grow even in the most space-restricted environments and will give an excellent caloric bang for your time-buck.

Due to the drought last summer, these prices are only going to go UP. Start planning for your mini-farm now because the return on your time investment is now at least double what it was four years ago!