Jerusalem Artichokes and the Porcelain God

Because of the prevalence of diabetes, a lot of folks are looking to inulin as an insoluble carbohydrate that adds delicious flavor without boosting blood sugar. That’s because it is indigestible.

Jerusalem artichokes are high in inulin and if boiled and mashed like potatoes they are an excellent and amazingly delicious substitute.

But the first time you do this, you might find yourself seated upon the porcelain deity due to becoming … indisposed.

The inulin in Jerusalem artichokes is indigestible, meaning that when it gets to your lower intestine all hell is going to break loose if you don’t have the bacterial flora in there to deal with it.

Most of us have SOME of those bacteria, but not enough.

Therefore, even though Jerusalem artichokes are incredibly delicious, don’t get carried away! Start off slowly and then make portions bigger gradually as your bacterial flora adjust to adapt. THEN you will be fine!