Speaking in Beacon, NY on 5/6/2012

On 5/6/2012 at 2pm, I will be speaking in the Gallery at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries in Beacon, NY. The mission of the Beacon Institute is to create and maintain a global center for scientific and technological innovation that advances research, education and public policy regarding rivers and estuaries.

What does this have to do with Mini Farming?

Conventional large scale agriculture damages river and estuary ecological systems through accelerated soil erosion and runoff of fertilizers and pesticides. Because food is trucked, on average, over 1,500 miles to point of use, the reliance on conventional agriculture also indirectly pollutes rivers and streams through oil spills and leaks, roadside pollution and other avenues. As people adopt Mini Farming methods, reliance on conventional agriculture is diminished and the environment is improved. Mini Farming methods are organic and sustainable, preventing soil erosion and dramatically diminishing risks of run-off.

Mini Farming is one of those areas where what is good for you and in your own economic self-interest is also a boon to the environment.

The Beacon Institute of Clarkson University is located at 199 Main Street in Beacon, NY.

I will not be bringing books for sale at this event. If you already have a copy of one of my books though, I will be happy to sign it for you!