Your Gut Bacteria and Your Mind

I have worked long and hard to write what I believe to be the most comprehensive book out there on caveman diet, and it will be available in the spring.

Among the subjects I covered was the impact of gut bacteria on behavior.  There are so many neurons in your gut that some scientists call the complex of nerves in your abdomen “the second brain.” Much more information flows TO your brain from your gut than vice-versa. Bacteria in your gut secrete various substances based upon both the species of bacteria and the diet those bacteria are fed.  Your immune system, your environmental exposures and your diet will all effect which bacteria are in your gut, the substances made by those bacteria, and thus the effect on your brain.

NPR recently did a short segment on the way gut bacteria affects your brain, and I think you’ll find it interesting.

Here’s the link: Gut Bacteria Might Guide the Workings of our Minds

With so many people suffering from anxiety and depression, it is worth considering that a short fast followed by a purge with saline laxative and replenishing with a broad-spectrum probiotic could be more helpful than a whole pharmacy full of pills.